Provident – How to Check You’re Debt?


Provident – How to Check You’re Debt?


Good morning, how do you check the debt in Providence? Two years ago I had a self-service loan with them, unfortunately due to going abroad for work I did not have the possibility to pay installments (no access to the Internet). Now, when I return, I would like to start paying off debts in the Providencie.

I do not even know if I was looking for a Provident salary or a bailiff, there are no letters regarding this debt. I do not know how to play it all, I’m afraid that if I remember about them, they will soon collect interest, reminder and debt collection fees.

I am asking for a hint on how to check the backlog in Providence? I want to repay my debt as cheap as possible, the loan amount was PLN 3,000 then, I paid off only a few installments, so it should be about PLN 2,500 to be repaid. I hope for a quick response! thank you in advance.

Provident – how to check your debt?

Well, you see, by wanting to make extra money you got into some financial problems. If the loan in Providencie was taken 2 years ago and has not been repaid since then (in addition to these several installments), then you may have accumulated interest on the loan <- here I explain interest and how much it can be, look in there.

The same applies to the prompts and other costs that Provident incurred to enforce the arrears from you (I mean debt collection costs ).

Going to your question: how to check the indebtedness of the Provident, for the beginning I want to recall a slice of


Provident’s regulations.





Provident – how to check your debt?

The loan company Provident clearly states that in such situations as the delay in repayment of the loan, they may add interest to your balance due to the late repayment of the loan. In addition, Provident has the right to report you to a register of debtors such as BIK, KRD or BIG.

When it comes to checking the indebtedness of the Providenta, if it was a self-service loan (loan via the Internet), all current information about your debt can be found in the “My Account” section, so you will have to log in to check your debt in Provident!

Surely you have somewhere saved data for logging in, possibly you can probably read these data from the loan agreement that you entered into with Provident at a distance.

If you do not remember your login details, you can use the password reminder option:


then you provide the e-mail address to which you registered in the Provident:


If for some reason you can not follow the above steps, then you are in touch with the Provident Service Office. It is enough if you call 600 400 101 or send an e-mail to [email protected] Provident for received messages corresponds from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 20.00.

… there is one more method to check the indebtedness of the Provident:

It is the download of the BIK report . After registering in the BIK register and after verifying our person, you can buy a report that illustrates the debt we have at the present time, you will also learn when the debt became due and in what exactly the company we are in debt. The BIK report costs 39 PLN.


Answering the title question: Provident – how to check the debt? in the first step, try logging in to your borrower panel, if you do not remember the password, start the process of recovering it, and if something is still wrong, call the Provident hotline on 600 400 101 or send an e-mail to the direct address @ Fingers crossed!


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